Matt Wes is currently working in Milwaukee, WI. He did his first tattoo in 2001 but doesn't feel he really started to get the hang of it until 2009 or so and even still he's learning new things everyday. He tries to combine traditional American and Japanese tattoo aesthetic with an influence from comic books, video games, fantasy, horror, action figures, D&D, sci fi, pro wrestling, sign painting, graffiti, skateboarding, and motorcycles. 

Tattooing Career

-Apprenticed at Top Notch Tattoos (Elgin, IL)

Previous Shop Experience

-Steve's Tattoo (Madison, WI) *shop helper

-Lucky 7 Tattoo (Libertyville, IL)

-Body Ritual (Milwaukee, WI)

-Solid State Tattoo (Milwaukee, WI)

-Tattoo Artistry (Tucson, AZ)

-Staring Without Caring (Tucson, AZ)

-Old Town Tattoo (Tucson, AZ)

-Family Tattoo (Chicago, IL)

-Deluxe Tattoo (Chicago, IL)

-Brew City Tattoo (Milwaukee, WI)

-Blue Anchor Tattoo (Milwaukee, WI)

-FTW Tattoo Parlor (Oakland, CA)

-Pharaoh's Horses Tattoo Parlor (Tucson, AZ)

Guest Spots

-Consolidated Tattoo and Barbershop (Flint, MI)

-Immaculate Tattoo (Mesa, AZ)

-Freedom Ink (Peoria, IL)

-Freaks on Broadway (Kansas City, MO)

-Hole In The Sky (Woodlawn Park, NJ)

-Black Label Tattoo (Frederick, MD)

-Black Thorn Gallery (Camp Hill, PA)

-Irish Ink Tattoo (Indianapolis, IN)

-Evermore Gallery (Edwardsville, IL)

-Bridgeport Tattoo Co. (Chicago, IL)

-Custom Tattoo (Milwaukee, WI)

-Pharaoh's Horses Tattoo (Tucson, AZ)

-Cornerstone Tattoo (Milwaukee, WI)

-Maiden Voyage (Pekin, IL)

-Taylor Street Tattoo (Chicago, IL)

-Tantrum Tattoo (Petersburg, VA)

-Grand Union Tattoo (Indianapolis, IN)

Design and Illustration 

-Death Science

-Sideburn Magazine

-JR's Fabrication and Welding

-Assault Skateboards

-La Rosa Skateboards

-BLX Skateboard Shop

-Boo Skateboard Contest

-Skate for DIY Contest


-Show Class Magazine

-The Hardtail Party Motorcycle Show

-Oshkosh Vintage Flat Track

-Mama Tried Motorcycle Show

-Rockerbox Motorcycle Show

-Hardly-Davidson's Scooter Rally


-Broke Skateboards

Band Art


-White Reaper

-Zero Progress

-Violence to Fade

-Cross Me

-Razor Fade

-Female Snake

-Kicked In

-Busted Outlook

-The Killer



-Get Rad



Zine Publishing

-No Sell Pro Wrestling Zine

-Cabin Fever Zine

-Sledge Hammer Zine

-Oppress Yourself

Zine Contributions

-Unknown Voyage

-Dream Relics

-Squatch Watch

-Burn Black Zine

-Pro Wrestling Feelings

Book Contributions

-The Cat Book (LLL Publishing)

-The Bird Book (LLL Publishing)